Time to reflect on my Identity Issues by Nico Lund

Issues #1 &2 of Identity Issue Zine by Nico Lund

Issues #1 &2 of Identity Issue Zine by Nico Lund

Here in the Pacific Northwest, autumn has dropped abruptly on top of the summer that I was just getting used to.

Even though I have lived here more years than my native Southern California, the feeling of being warm and sun bleached will always be a happy Feeling for me. (even though I moved to Seattle when I was 20 because I craved the weather changes)!

I just can’t fight my need for blue skies and warm days! It’s part of my identity I guess! The irony is how I tried to Goth it up in my teens with layers of black clothing and boots in beach weather. I still love my black clothing and boots…but since there are plenty of boot wearing days, I am ready to kick them off in favor of my flip-flops whenever possible.

Concepts and Brainstorms for Identity Issue #2 ( working draft mock-up of #1 and #2 in background)

I do love fall though. It seems to be the perfect weather to bring myself back to focus. While the days get shorter and colder, I find myself with more time inside to motivate me into my studio to reflect on my creative goals and my art process and get thee to work!

illustrations sketches and mock-up for Identity Issue #3: Coming soon!

This most recent chilly September day I decided I wanted to take some time to share a little about one of my projects: Identity Issue Zine. This zine came out of my work with Kelda Martensen in her BookArts Class ( my 3rd year taking it) at North Seattle College. This year was a little different as it was part of an Inter-cultural Communications Integrated Studies Course. It was a big Spring Quarter emotionally and academically for me. This class helped me to break into some unknown territory for me (can you say academic thesis paper?!?!). It ruffled my feathers as a student, artist, citizen and friend—just to be clear—this is what I wanted to happen.

My art has always come from a very personal place, but I often use abstraction, surrealism, metaphor, and other tactics to obscure my intentions and meanings behind my work. Sometimes intentionally, but often unconsciously.

This class challenged me to be more transparent and take some risks by being vulnerable in my choices. That is how Identity Issue #1 came about. It is about my experiences of having a long history of depression.

First draft mock-up of Identity Issue Zine #1

I wanted this project to reveal a snapshot of what it’s like in the moment of feeling depressed —not the overarching storyline of depression or its causes. It was important to me to share in an artistic way that depression is more than just a feeling a person experiences—it can be physical and all-encompassing and it can also be transient. I wanted to expose some of the intimate moments of being in a depression that are hard for people to understand who haven’t be affected by it.

After completing Identity Issue #1 ‘depression’, I already had the next Identity Issue on my mind. I began working on self-perception’ which is about my process of dealing with finding myself in middle-age and my experience of how the process of aging is affecting me. Although I am expressing myself from my experiences, it is my hope that the Identity Issues I focus on are issues or challenges that other people have had or are currently experiencing. Additionally, I think it makes a great gift for a friend who might need a little reminder that they are not alone! (no time like the present to start collecting those stocking stuffers)!

Beginings of #3 layout and drawing layers in Procreate on Ipad Pro

Identity Issue Zine has also been a way for me to hone in on my digital art skills. My ability to use Procreate, using an Ipad Pro and an Apple Pencil has greatly improved and with each new issue I am finding new ways to streamline the process a little more. My goal is to find a way to quickly produce zines and small publications since these methods are a great way to covey some of the more intimate parts of my creative process and life.

With Issue #3 on it’s way to completion, I already have issue #4 spinning in my mind. Since you took the time to read, I’ll share with you that my 4th Identity issue is: Artist. You’ll just have to stay tuned for Issue #3….it’s gonna be good!

I look forward to sharing more insights with you and release dates of future work! Please Subscribe!

Re-release of halfmoon's Colortest. by Nico Lund

Please help us Welcome Halfmoon to the internet

Under the Music Project Tab here on my website are a few music projects I've done over the years with Justin and some solo work. It's fun to put these up here. halfmoon's first record that Justin and I recorded back in 2006, is now available through CDBaby and soon to be available on streaming sites such as Spotify! We are excited to join modernity and release our music online! Take a listen, purchase the album or a song or two!. I hope you enjoy them as much as we've enjoyed making them! Justin and I have new songs in the works and we hope to release a new set of music soon! 

Valentines Day Art Special:10% of all Sales through 2/14 to Planned Parenthood by Nico Lund

Give the Gift of Love and Hope and help support Planned Parenthood!

I will be selling these original Monoprint/Collage pieces and other artworks this Friday Feb. 10 from 5-7pm at Caffe Vita on Greenwood Avenue - part of the Greenwood/Phinney Neighborhood Artwalk. 

These pieces will be framed and ready to give as a gift to your special someone! Or, maybe that special someone is you, go ahead, give yourself some love...you deserve it! 

$54 / $10 shipping available in the US.

If you are interested in one of these and cannot make ArtWalk, just contact me directly and I can make arrangements directly with you.

TONIGHT! DEC 8 Ghost Gallery Mini Art Holiday Sale! by Nico Lund

Ghost Gallery is celebrating it's 10th year of hosting the Miniature Art Holiday Show!

The Trouble with Distractions Oil Painting

The Trouble with Distractions Oil Painting

There are over 80 artists are part of this exhibit, including myself.

I have about 10 pieces that will be on display including, Oil Paintings, Monoprints, Linocuts and Linocut Collage pieces.

This happens during the Capitol Hill Art Walk Tonight Dec. 8 from 6-9. I would love to see you there! Say Hi, grab some holiday gifts.

All the Art is under 10" x 10" and $250 and under.

Ghost Gallery is located on 504 E DENNY WAY at OLIVE WAY (enter through the courtyard next to Hillcrest Market)

Tidal Breath Monoprint

Tidal Breath Monoprint

The Discipline of Discovery Scene II Linocut collage

The Discipline of Discovery Scene II Linocut collage

Autumn Storms Make the Best Art by Nico Lund

As the weather cools down, I am regrouping in the basement studio with the paintings I started in the Garden Shed over the summer. NOw the leaves are changing color, so I am digging deep to pull out colors of my own. 

Moved back into the basement workshop for winter.

Moved back into the basement workshop for winter.

Sometimes I need to shake the trees to get my thoughts in order to make new work. This time my tree shaking came in the form of signing myself up for an Art Class at the local college. My friend has been talking up a printmaking class she'd been really enjoying, so I decided to sign up for it.

I had taken an intro to printmaking class several years ago at the now closed Sev Shoon in Ballard. I remembered how much I enjoyed it, but I just didn't have the mental time and space to put into in. Printmaking requires a lot of dedicated time. There is a lot of set up before the art happens. 

So I signed up with Kelda Martensen for the 121 Printmaking class at North Seattle College. 

So far it's been such a whirlwind of creativity for me. It is also the kind of creativity that spills over into getting me into my own studio plotting and painting in addition to trekking to the print studio to put my 12-14 hours in a week.

a selection of some monotypes

a selection of some monotypes

Currently my assignments have led me from Monoprints to Linocut Printing. I am loving these processes. Unlike lino-blocks I made in the past, these are actually done on thin lino and it runs through the press. I post regularly on my Instagram page, so if you use IG then definitely follow me to see imagery as I work through this new series of paintings and my printmaking adventure.

beginnings of a linocut

beginnings of a linocut