TONIGHT! DEC 8 Ghost Gallery Mini Art Holiday Sale! by Nico Lund

Ghost Gallery is celebrating it's 10th year of hosting the Miniature Art Holiday Show!

The Trouble with Distractions Oil Painting

The Trouble with Distractions Oil Painting

There are over 80 artists are part of this exhibit, including myself.

I have about 10 pieces that will be on display including, Oil Paintings, Monoprints, Linocuts and Linocut Collage pieces.

This happens during the Capitol Hill Art Walk Tonight Dec. 8 from 6-9. I would love to see you there! Say Hi, grab some holiday gifts.

All the Art is under 10" x 10" and $250 and under.

Ghost Gallery is located on 504 E DENNY WAY at OLIVE WAY (enter through the courtyard next to Hillcrest Market)

Tidal Breath Monoprint

Tidal Breath Monoprint

The Discipline of Discovery Scene II Linocut collage

The Discipline of Discovery Scene II Linocut collage

New Studio, New Inspiration, New Paintings by Nico Lund©©

After a short hiatus, getting settled into the new house and trying to find my comfort level in my new's finally happening.

With summer comes my desire to be outside and not descend into the belly of my home to the basement where my home studio is located. So I had an epiphany...set up a temporary studio in the garden house/shed. It's really not been suitable for the damp winter/spring weather, but for summer it's ideal. But now that I'm in there I am determined to make it permanent...just need a certain husband who is handy with the power-tools!



In the Summer I really feel the need to be apart of the world and going into the basement just goes against my needs. So getting out into the yard is perfect. I moved two of my easels out there and my oil paints, brushes and a few other necessities and tried to clean out the cobwebs and spiders as best as I could. Mostly that means just ignoring that they are there and hope they are smart enough to not creepy crawl across a wet painting. ( if you find a couple of legs in one, I apologize in advance).

So begins a new chapter, a new series and some new intention. I am excited to be taking some old themes and new themes and smashing them together. I am still trying to get some more distance from my habitual narratives while at the same time respecting the power of some of those imageries. Instead of trying to deny them a voice, I am trying to seeing how far I can go to obscure them while still allowing them to arise.

It's tough letting go of habitual expression, but I am trying to motivate myself to grow as a painter. For this series I am trying to let the paint and texture be the overpowering guide and encourage the stories and narratives to stay subtle and subjective.

I am looking forward to this journey. I hope to have your shared presence and perspective along the way. My studio is open to you anytime!