The Anxiousness of 'Getting In' / by Nico Lund

I have once again stepped into the anxiety triggering realm of 'Calls For Art."

                       Prep work for the Ghost Gallery Annual Miniature Art Extravaganza

                       Prep work for the Ghost Gallery Annual Miniature Art Extravaganza

The process is really quite simple: Find Call's for art that seem relevant (Seattle's Artist Trust is a great resource for this), send an email with images (in proper dpi/size, title, medium, dimensions) and an updated Artist Statement.

Simple yes, However, it's TERRIFYING!

Yet, it's something I must do, and regularly do to keep myself moving towards my dream to be a working artist. A working artist for those that may not know does not mean someone who just merely makes art. My definition of a working artist is someone that gets to create Their Own art as a job and actually get paid for it!

It's a vulnerable place. There are no defined parameters in the art world. There is no way to know how others see your work. You don't graduate from Art School with a degree that will be a descriptor of 'what you do'. I know how I see my work, and how much time and work I have spent developing, creating, preparing what I do. However, a piece of art doesn't necessarily reflect all that process. The work I choose to put in a show is usually a piece I feel good about. Whether or not someone likes my art or chooses it for an exhibit does effect me, but it doesn't change whether or not I continue to do it. It's just part of the whole package. A continual journey, winding and finding my way in between the spaces of my passion and other people's perceptions.

Art is a process of building upon and building upon and building upon. My new favorite answer to the question of how long it take me to make a piece of art is 42. Not because it's the Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything, but because I happen to be 42 this year.

         Varnishing and install of Wall Hangers

         Varnishing and install of Wall Hangers

The wait to find out if my work is accepted into a show is a nerve wracking experience. But in the process of submitting, I have to check in with myself and try my hardest to edit out the voice that tells me 'that sucks', or 'seriously, no one is going to pay That much for that!'.

Taking the risk to put my work in front of others keeps me motivated to get back into the studio, keep processing, keep experimenting and keep moving forward to what's next. 

I made it into Ghost Gallery's Annual Miniature Art Extravaganza. I will have 12 pieces for sale. They will be up Through to February. Artist Reception is during the Capitol Hill ArtWalk, 5-9. Come Say Hi.

I am still waiting to hear if three of my pieces were accepted into artEast's Call of the Clouds Exhibit! But you will be the first to know if I do!

Thanks for reading. Add your comments of experiences below. I would love to hear your thoughts :-)

All 12 pieces will also be available Dec. 10 - February 2016 on the  Ghost Gallery Online Shop

All 12 pieces will also be available Dec. 10 - February 2016 on the Ghost Gallery Online Shop