Why is it so Hard to Put Time to the Things that Matter? by Nico Lund

Studio at Fremont Space, Seattle Wa.

Studio at Fremont Space, Seattle Wa.

How is it that we put off the work we get the most enjoyment out of to do the busy work that we hate?

Since moving into my Fremont Studio, I have realized how much I procrastinate going there, but once I get there, I can't believe I don't go more? It's like writing a letter or exercising. The longer you put it off, the harder it is get back to.

It boils down to discipline. You either have it or you don't. You can be the most talented __fill in the blank__, but unless you actually get to it there will be nothing to show; like it never existed. But, boy will those clothes be folded and dishes washed!

As a writer thinks about story, I am often thinking about my paintings. What I want to add next to a composition, a series that would be cool to do, squeezing paint out of tubes. If only I could telepathically create visual experiences for people....wait, that might get creepy...never-mind.

So I packed my bags, grabbed the dog and got to the studio today. Maybe it was the quintessential Autumnal rain slipping from the Seattle sky or the dark morning before we fall back with daylight savings. Whatever it was, I woke up with the forceful need for reflection, and an angry itch to make something. "I Gotta get there. Gotta paint. Let's do this!"

When I got there, I reacquainted with the current large pieces I have going and dabbled on some smaller ones. All in all, we listened to a little old school circa 91 Mazzy Star, a little St. Vincent, we laughed, we sang, we painted. It was great! I can't believe I don't get there more often!