Here in my Purlieu by Nico Lund

In My Purlieu

I am
short frame
bent body
grandfathers crooked fingers

Grandma’s depression
dark memories
fathers hate

I am water catcher
breeze mover
sky gazer

Now my fingers are wet
now I move stones
here I find shapes

Here in my purlieu
here in silence
now I am 

The smell of damp
I hear rain
small drops on skin

I am
small moments
maker of life

Grandmothers smile
grandfathers skin
mother’s frown

I am shape shifter
story maker
bird watcher

So I see movement
So I have feeling
here I touch ground

Here in my purlieu
here thoughts ensue
so I am

Step aside for the birds by Nico Lund


He declared “this is mine”, charging past.

An insignificant speck in oversized puddle-stompers,

on the attack, full speed.


        (the sand, the surf, the land),


        (the earth, the ground, the surface),


        (your blink of an eye existence).


I look up to screams of victory 

amidst a scatter of black

feathered flight, 

loud disgruntled caws, 

an unwelcome disturbance

mid snack in the lo-tide.


The father stands back 

I am not sure if he’s overwhelmed

by the the explosively overt entitlement 

his young offspring just announced 


proud at the hostile take-over 

of this small patch of beach.


I make light casual eye contact, 

trying hard not to judge 

but thinking hard on the matter.


I look back over to the scattering crows, 

seagulls and migrating fowl. 

Their displeasure’s become 

an aural assault in the sky.


I secretly wish for a downpour of bird shit to fall from the sky. 

I don’t even care if I am caught in the middle.


I look back at my small patch of sand 

that I’ve been occupying.

I’ve moved some shells and rocks 

here and there to make a shape.


Who am I to say I don’t secretly claim my ground.

That this small patch of time

is mine, this thought, this lifetime.

All Mine.


But I’d gladly step aside for the birds.

I like to think I would.

Clarity Comes in Waves by Nico Lund

Clarity Comes in Waves


There's no use looking too closely,

You're looking for it, so,

you know it will appear.

Maybe not today, and not yesterday,

but because you are looking,

it will appear.


Everything you imagine,

is happening.

Maybe not here, or to you, or your love,

But, you thought it

and it becomes.


Maybe the clouds just arrive

in clumps of endless gauzy skyfulls.

Molecules of ideas, thoughts, and possible tomorrows,

percolated essences of sentient evaporations.


Droplets fall into gravity.

You look in the mirror 

for a way to defy the pull.

But clarity comes in waves.

And by counting the waves breaking over the rocks

Instead of finding the pause,

you feel the force of each passing year,

everything happens,

you see it all,

so let go.


You Are Still Young by Nico Lund


You Are Still Young

Today I remember you are still young. 
I reached to hold your hand today as we walked across the street
Forgetting that it might embarrass you, 
I say all the stupid things walking with you
that I'm not supposed to say aloud, 
and you never hesitate to enlighten my faux pas. 

I look at your soft brilliance, fresh like spring sprouts, 
I forget that your mind is like an autumn wind shower reorganizing,
 shedding last years growth. 

And in between each moment when I glimpse the infant you were, 
the you that's become has
unwavering power on my heart. 

As the vibrant color of the fallen leaves reveal, 
this time we have to love never takes pause, so
we must find the pause for ourselves. 

You are still young, and we move forward not in a straight line, 
but in and out
of seasons, past and future, together and alone. 

We move like color fading from an old photograph. 

The brilliance doesn't need to last. 

I've already felt it. 

Three Leafed Clover by Nico Lund

Three Leafed Clover

Why are we always looking for a four leafed clover to bring us luck? 

As if more brings happiness. 

We know that is never true. 

Isn't the magnificence of any growth enough?

That we endure even in mundanity and simplicity. 

With just what we are given. 


Just leaves, each held by each other connected at the center, 

rooted together for strength. 

An untold number of four leafed clovers exist underfoot, 

trampled would-be lucky charms, never to be wished upon. 


Like every day that's lived asleep, 

we wander unaware that we're enough. 

A Game of Cat's by Nico Lund

Isn't it perfect that 
life is just a stream of X's and O's?
Each one blocking out the other as they go.
Doesn't it just makes sense 
that all that we see in front of us are 
cancellations, one after the other?
It's a string of blackout-poetry, 
and we didn't know that all the words we obscured 
and covered up contained the original meaning of life.
Haven't you wondered if it was true 
that who you are is just replaced 
moment by moment with someone else?
And this abstract version of things 
that you're trying to understand is just 
an infuriating game of cat's
that no one seems to be able to win.

Words that Confuse Time and Fall Off Pages by Nico Lund

Where do the words come from?

As they slip 
and lisp from 
deep places 
and twist into sounds.

As they arise from 
inhabited thoughts 
that are illusions and 
illusive interruptions 
of space. 

And they have 
the capacity 
to bite and cut 
and jab into 
soft fleshy realities, 
while multiplying 
and propagating 
into overpopulated emotions 
and anxious breaths. 

What are words
but outbreaks of 
viruses that contaminate, 
confuse and 
consume time 
with their prolific 
verses and stanzas. 

Their offspring 
committing suicides by 
falling off pages 
too small 

Every Moment an Instinct 30/30 by Nico Lund

Oh, how we compare ourselves to caterpillars.

But it’s like the moths gravitating towards bright lights 
then dying that we mimic.

How we tell children that dreaming is where happiness is made.

That when dreams come true, 
wings unfold with unimaginable colors and take flight.

Yet, the lives of birds, insects and flowers are not so beautiful as we are told.
Every moment an instinct. 
They are not joyful for their magnificence.

Our happiness on the other hand has the habit 
of transforming like clouds to tears.

It’s not true that rain comes from the sky, 
and rain is not falling to the ground.

Why do we lie to ourselves?

At the top, will the view will be enough?

From the top, there is only room for one, 

looking down,
                                              looking down.

From the top, 
       there is 

Staying Takes You Somewhere 29/30 by Nico Lund

way to 
same thing. 
Depending on
what you're looking for. 
When to move? 
But even staying 
The only 
constant is 
is trying to make it stop. 
Stopping is like perfection; it doesn't exist.

For Something Pure to Bring Home 27/30 by Nico Lund

From far away, 

Squinting sharpens your features,

Brings definition to your edges, 
But you are still too far to touch,

I listened to the music that 

Tickled your ears 
And softened your heart. 

But all I heard 
Was the droning of a tired bee 
Out looking for something 
Pure to bring home. 

And all that squinting for the future 
Brought tears to my eyes. 

For All Creatures of Good Heart 25/30 for Chai & Bamboo by Nico Lund

Todays Poetry prompt from NaPoWriMo is a clerihew poem. Although, they are usually only 4 lines, I needed an extra quatrain for the benefit of all sentient beings.

For goodness sakes Madame Woodland Park Zoo,
You've made a gargantuan travesty of the lives of chai and bamboo,
These sentient beings and the other zoo lot,
Aren't just novelties like dodo birds or triceratops. 

It's time to do right Monsiers and Madams,
Letting go of your money, your accreditation and stand.
Send Chai and Bamboo to retire in peace,
And for all creatures of good heart to be released. 

I Am Enough 23/30 by Nico Lund

It's a simple tweak
Gentle touch and
Barely noticeable smile. 

The one just underneath the skin
Like maybe because it's always there,
Always tilted up without effort 
In a thought of kindness 
Or swoosh of sweetness. 

An Illusive opposite of shadow
A sensual passing through. 

What is that rising flutter in my heart?

A infinitesimal shift
With a colossal effect. 
A momentous rejoicing
With the smallest of sighs. 

Enough, enough, enough!

I am enough.

What If? 22/30 by Nico Lund

What if the rain never came?
There'd be nothing to wash 
The tangles from your hair,
Or the soot from your pores. 

What if the sky never filled with clouds?
Each lost droplet a lost idea 
For the clouds are the accumulation 
Of all the ideas and dreams 
Of the people down below. 

What if the thoughts stopped coming?

What if?

When I Heard Your Heartbeat, I Cried 20/30 by Nico Lund

#NaPoWriMo Challenge: Write a poem that states the things you know. 

The ground beneath my feet is really layers 
and layers of time.
Stepping softly won’t slow my growing old.
Walking in circles only makes me dizzy.

I know I need to embrace this journey. 
The sun doesn’t choose whose eyes to shine in -
I am here as witness to each glimmer. 

Your spring hydrates my crisp summer leaves.
When I heard your heartbeat I cried,  knowing 
The flood was on the way - and I knew how to swim.

I had thought I knew what love was,
I had thought I knew,
But love is like time,
beneath my feet,
with each step,
I grow wiser.