You Are Still Young / by Nico Lund


You Are Still Young

Today I remember you are still young. 
I reached to hold your hand today as we walked across the street
Forgetting that it might embarrass you, 
I say all the stupid things walking with you
that I'm not supposed to say aloud, 
and you never hesitate to enlighten my faux pas. 

I look at your soft brilliance, fresh like spring sprouts, 
I forget that your mind is like an autumn wind shower reorganizing,
 shedding last years growth. 

And in between each moment when I glimpse the infant you were, 
the you that's become has
unwavering power on my heart. 

As the vibrant color of the fallen leaves reveal, 
this time we have to love never takes pause, so
we must find the pause for ourselves. 

You are still young, and we move forward not in a straight line, 
but in and out
of seasons, past and future, together and alone. 

We move like color fading from an old photograph. 

The brilliance doesn't need to last. 

I've already felt it.