Bad Luck Rainbow / by Nico Lund

My child asked why our poor small dog
Has been the recipient of such misfortune.
Why such bad luck?

Two dog attacks: survived
A raccoon confrontation: beat it.
Poison by fungus: recovered.
And, Her most recent adventure Traumatic loss of her left eye.

However the loss of ones eye can
Really give you a perspective shift.
I wonder if I might be better off loosing my ' I '.

But what of the luck of such misfortune?
The sad child's questioning of why.
Is there such a thing as bad luck, karma,
Or is the circumstance just another moment in the living?

 The car is breaking down today.
Yes, this is happening.
And I forgot to not miss that meeting,
But is it bad luck with cars?
Or Mercury in retrograde?

Poor puppy with your one eye left.
Yet you seem so at ease as you still look for squirrels,
And balls and a loving touch.

It is me who to has the sad tinge thinking of the bad luck.
I have to remind myself to look at the other side of your face.
Yet on that side there is only the possibility of looking forward
And not of tearful regret.

Of luck, I'm sure there is no more or less to offer or receive.
Luck is no rainbow's end or trinket of clover or any such thing.

But fortune is an open heart.

from Instagram