A Surface to Come up To / by Nico Lund

From underwater it's hard to imagine
that there's a surface to come up to.

Even in those last effects of breath,
Even in those searching looks for anything else;

forgetfulness of solution seems to be the only thought that is reliably recalled.

Yet, there is a silver lining to a wave of dissolution;
an elusive brightness tickling the tension
       separating now,
                                     one more breath of air
                                                                   and sinking.

It is in that space between the two worlds
where anything truly is possible

And sometimes it just takes an outside reminder
to snap that thought into place.

Something out of the

To become the witness
and not the agitator.

                 The watcher,
the observer.

                                                                                                  and rise.
                        That's the time to look up

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