With This Sunny Day 18/30 / by Nico Lund

With this sunny day,
Collapse onto the first 
Grassy spot you find. 
Sit just for the sake of sitting. 

Take off your shoes, 
And your socks. 
Look closely to find little insects 
Wiggling around under blades. 

Aren't you also wiggling 
Up and over similar blades and bumps 
Looking for something?

Try your hardest not to squint 
When the sun touches your face. 
Don't be chilled by that cooling breeze, 
Instead notice every follicle that is feeling something. 
Let that fly linger 
Just a moment more on your arm 
And see the hundreds of reflections on its wings. 

Aren't you also always landing in places 
That try to swat you away 
As you try to be just who you are?