What is a Puddlepoem? / by Nico Lund

The story of puddlepoems  

Puddlepoems arose one autumn day in 2014 as I was out on my usual daily walk with the pup. 

I live in the evergreen lushness of the Pacific Northwest, and even though I reside in the middle of a city, I am surrounded by big skies, dense foresty parks and plenty of tangible earth. 

Partly inspired from the lovely photography of Andy Goldsworthy I saw years ago, and partly a way to process my thoughts as I wander around through sun and rain and gray, puddlepoems have been a way for me to share the beauty, pain and wonderment of being. 

Puddlepoem are an invitation to glimpse into how I see my surroundings as not just objects, but extensions of my curiosity. 

Meditating on place, time, materials and textures, the words are the conversations between myself and my thoughts. The noticing and questioning of this very life. 

Why puddles?

I loves the way puddles arise and cease to be, Malleable, reflective pools of possibility.

I can't say how a puddle is chosen, but each puddle or watery image I choose just feels right.

What if there are no Puddles?

Hey! I'm an artist! I can interpret puddles anyway I like.

What's the deal with the Poetry?

After I create the visual, I snap a picture and then in a stream of consciousness style, I try to reproduce the thoughts that informed my manipulation of the elements. Poetry is like painting with words. I love to learn how to observe and slow down my monkey mind.

As far as the poem goes, I try not to labor too long on format, editing or even second guessing my sentiment.

I choose to leave these poems raw.

I hope you enjoy my poetry as well as my photography. 

I would love to hear your comments.

Feb 2015