Aubade to a Sleepless Night 6/30 by Nico Lund

Aubade to a Sleepless Night 

Let me return this to you. 
It was a long night,
Restless and aching,
With sheets damp with worry. 

Upon your dawning,
I thought to give this back
See if you could do better with it. 

With its colorless cast,
Soundless lamenting,
It's not so much that I tired of it,
It just didn't seem to take to my efforts. 

So, here it is,
With its soft luring,
Whispering and warmth 
It so cruelly withheld from me. 

I know as soon as you rise, 
It will nuzzle up 
To your sunny disposition 
And stop racing around 
Through the gaps in my breaths.